Pricing and Services

I don’t do tiered services because my goal is to do the most complete/thorough work I can on every manuscript.

My rate is $4 per 1000 words. So a 50,000-word novel would only cost $200 for an edit.

Aside from fixing spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors, I examine the manuscript for continuity and voice and make up a mini style guide as I go along to try and make sure I'm keeping everything consistent. Generally speaking, if something is "wrong" but clearly a stylistic choice, I leave it be, unless I feel a stylistic choice will come across as confusing to the average reader. In which case, I will correct it.

It's very rare that I'll completely erase whole words or sentences; when I do this it's only because I feel there are redundancies or "stubbed toes". I would not presume to actually re-write something; if I come across something that really clunks, I'll give you some notes.

All that said, I use the Track Changes function in MS Word (or LibreOffice if you're an open-source kind of person), so you can easily identify what changes I’ve made. You can then accept or reject each individual change as you see fit. You are the author. The final say is yours.

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