So far Arran at editing720 has worked on a total of five of my novels, and I will never take my work anywhere else. He is not only faster than I expected, but the amount of work he does with each manuscript is almost shocking. I simply don’t know enough about the actual rules of grammar, especially the smaller ones, to feel comfortable releasing a book that I’ve line-edited myself. I did this once before, only to have to pull the book and correct the errors I found after the fact. With editing720 I have never had anything but total confidence when I release my work.
~Elias Anderson, author of The Spider Inside

After my first editor kept my book for almost a month without even starting on it, and my second editor had it for even longer and did a poor job, I was starting to get jaded concerning the whole editing process. Then I was recommended to Arran, who returned my manuscript in 50 hours and did an incredible job! His work was easily 10 times more thorough than my second editor’s, leaving me to wonder: is Arran a really good editor, or some Model 3000 Editor Robot from the future? Either way, I’ll be a repeat customer. 
~EC Belikov, author of The Destiny Engine

Any writer worth their salt will tell you that it is difficult to see your own mistakes when it comes to grammar, punctuation, or spelling. Even in a world of spell checking and autocomplete, it takes someone worth extra special salt to run through your work and catch the quirks that make you that unique snowflake that you are (I'm never sure when to use a semicolon, I swear it's not a real thing). Arran is just that kind of exotic salt that one needs in order to melt your snow and reveal the sleek, hardened ice underneath. I had the good fortune of having Arran edit my last screenplay.  Not only did he do a top-notch job, but the screenplay subsequently went on to be a finalist in the Beverly Hills Film Festival and won 4th place in the Los Angeles Screenplay Competition.  I can't recommend the guy enough, and look forward to working with him on my next script.
~Americo Alvarenga, screenwriter

Arran is GOD.
~Anne Eliot, author of How I Fall